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DA-Joint-Stock is devoted to free, unrestricted stock images and tutorials.

You may use any stock on this account, however we request only that you:
:bulletblue:Give us a link to the finished piece (so we can see it)
:bulletblue:Credit the used stock and provide a link to da-joint-stock
:bulletblue:You may NOT redistribute our stock without prior written consent
:bulletblue:However, you may use our stock to create Premade Backgrounds, but you must provide a link and credit in the description. Exceptions: Premade Backgrounds in the Doom Revisited Series, any of the 4 Transparent Flames Packs and any other premade or heavily-edited stock image in our gallery. If in doubt, ask:)

:bulletgreen:If you use our stock offsite you must provide a link
:bulletgreen:Comercial Use is acceptable but please contact us beforehand

:bulletred:We reserve the right to deny the use of our stock, both before and after use.

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If you would like to know how anything on this account was created (avatars, manips, premades, or photos) just ask and I'll help out the best I can:)

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-Dan (Omanoct)

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Nature had so many beautiful things.
So much beauty .
So much determination and undecided strength.
So much misunderstood realities.
You must understand it.
Patience is a virtue.

I'm not crazy !
I just happen to think differently than other people!

The indifference kill people.
So... don't be indifferent !!!

-A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, no one knows she was raped at 13.

-People call another Guy fat, No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight .

-People call an old man ugly, No one knew he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war.

Repost this if you are against bullying and stereotyping. We bet 95% of you won't.

Current Residence: Everywhere! ...All at once too!
:wave:Hey everyone!!

I have super-awesome news!! :eager:
I got in to University!!:woohoo: Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario !!:faint:
Its a long way away (2000KM-drive) but the school is great and they have really small class-sizes, among other things:) Plus, my sister goes there too so we can keep each other company (AKA I can use her car :giggle:). I will be taking a 5-year, double-degree course in Fine Arts and Education (so in short, an art teacher :w00t:). But no worries I will still be here on DA - you guys won't get rid of me that easily :D
In fact, you might be seeing more of me :) But not yet, I'm going to be very busy in thee next couple months. I've also been chosen to help out with a couple restaurant openings nearby so I'll be really busy for the next couple weeks :)

And in other News, an awesome collection of Inspirational Facts of Art, reposted from the Journal of the amazing Feyrah :D Thanks my dear:)

- Don't ever rush your work just so you can go to bed before its too late. Let it rest and continue whenever you get the opportunity.

- Don't spend too long on something either. You're likely to start getting sick of the image if you spend too long on it.

- Let loose. Try different things and techniques and don't try to stick to only one technique or drawing style. It's more fun that way!

- You cannot control what is "your style". Everything you do knowingly is just a "drawing style". The style that really makes your work unique is what you do unconciously, and no matter what you do to get rid of it, it will most likely show through anyway. That's what "your style" is. It might change if you learn new things and progress in art, but it will always be there and be your style. You mostly can't force it.

- You're not a bad artist. No matter what your drawings look like, if you do your best and put all your heart and soul into it, its awesome art and you're a great artist. Fullstop.

- Don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't take too much requests/art trades or commissions. It is going to feel like homework and will suck the fun out of it. Don't set your goals too high. If a certain image doesn't come out the way you wanted it, try again or tryan alternative! It will come with time.

- "But it's a style" is not an excuse for messed up anatomy (except it's abstract). Even most of the really cartoony things have accurate anatomy that looks right.

- A fancy art program or drawing supplies will not enhance your drawing skills. Always remember: It's the artist, not the program or the supplies. I know a handful of people that do AMZING art in MS Paint that looks better than many Photoshop works I've seen. It's always great to learn new things, but don't ever blame someones art skills on their program or supplies.

- If someone draws something for you as a gift, don't be too critical. If you decide to give improvement tips, be sensible. You might hurt the artists feelings, especially if it was a gift to you.

- Don't ever be afraid to come up to "popular" artists and talk to them. If the artists takes to you, you win. Don't think they are arrogant just becaus ethey have a higher number of pageviews. They have no control over these things. Don't take it personal if they don't reply to you. They might really not have the time to or simply forgot. But be sure they read it! 99% if them read ALL of their comments.

Hope everyone's well:)
Dan H
  • Mood: Joy

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thank you!
I used some of your resources to make this:

Thank you so much!
TheShadowWolf15 Aug 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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